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BASCL Members to Present at Greenbuild 2022

We are excited to announce that four BASCL Members will be presenting at Greenbuild 2022 in San Francisco. Tune into the following sessions to hear about how our members are making change in the Bay Area:

(E05) Embodied Carbon Chutes and Ladders: The Ups and Downs of Building with Surplus Products

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022


Room 209/210

What happens to construction materials acquired but not installed for a project and how they impact the embodied carbon footprint of the construction projects? Join BASCL’s Kena David and Tolga Tutar this #Greenbuild conference at 11:30am on Wednesday November 2nd as they join Eden Brukman with San Francisco Department of the Environment and @Pauline Souza with WRNS to discuss surplus building materials and embodied carbon impacts. The session will begin with a summary of findings from San Francisco Department of the Environment’s Surplus Building Products Reduction and Redistribution Study (, which offers insights about situations that lead to surplus on construction sites, including building product types, quantities, frequency, as well as ways to minimize and repurpose these items. This session will also explore the urgent need for addressing the embodied carbon in construction, cover the relationship between surplus materials and embodied carbon as well as share real life examples of how to implement design and construction practices to reduce embodied carbon associated with surplus.

(J11) Building the Future: Addressing Decarbonization, Zero Waste, and ESG Goals for Construction

Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

4:00PM - 5:00 PM

Room 213/214

The construction industry has long been an unsung hero of green building. As awareness of the environmental impacts from whole project lifecycles come into focus, many are beginning to realize the outsized role that construction teams play in meeting decarbonization and sustainability goals. Leading building owners and construction firms are stepping-up to set commitments for clean construction processes that foster safe and equitable jobsites. Meanwhile, the construction industry is undergoing radical changes with the electrification of heavy equipment and innovative programs targeting zero energy, water and waste outcomes, including the new TRUE program for construction sites.

At this session, come meet a team of passionate, dedicated, and collaborative professionals that are showing what’s possible from innovative construction teams on jobsites. Panelists, including BASCL's Emily English and Kavita Karmarkar, will answer the question “how can LEED reward contractor innovation in the rating system? What comes next in tracking and improving performance towards ESG goals?” The audience will be encouraged to participate in the conversation and share how LEED can address construction sites and construction activities in upcoming pilot credits and future versions of LEED.

Leaders in the construction industry will share their present strategies to track, monitor and reduce carbon and other impacts. Speakers will give honest feedback and what’s working and what needs improvement, from cutting carbon in the construction phase, to right-sizing equipment for maximum results; to enhancing social equity and gender equality on jobsites. Building owners will share how their public commitments and ESG goals are reshaping the face of construction. Come join this lively session to be inspired and share your ideas on the future of the construction phase in LEED.

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